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since 1904

Sclavo Diagnostics International

High quality research for medical diagnosis

high quality research
for medical diagnosis

Our History

The company’s history began in 1904 when Achille Sclavo discovered anti-anthrax serum and he founded the Tuscan Serotherapy and Vaccinogenic Institute in Siena. During the First World War, the Institute extended the production of serums and bacterial vaccines to an industrial level. In 1929 the Institute began the production of anti-diphtheria and anti-tetanus anatoxin and, later, of the smallpox vaccine. In 1934 the first diagnostic product appeared as a medical adjuvant for a correct medical diagnosis. Since then, Sclavo has been recognized as a leading company in IVD.

Currently, Sclavo Diagnostics International SpA. is a Chemic-Pharmaceutical Company whose activities span from Research & Development to Industrialization and Commercialization of IVD, with particular focus on Clinical Chemistry, Plasma and Urinary Coagulation, Serology, Hematology, Microbiology . Sclavo is also an ideal Partner for third party manufacturing.

Main Company’s objective is commercialization of high-quality products aiming at Client’s satisfaction while respecting health and safety of patients, employees and environment.

Achille Sclavo

Our Core Values

Research Center

Within its structure Sclavo hosts a 500 m2 Research Center that effectively cocoons some Innovative Start Ups, collaborates with different Companies, is endowed of some shared Laboratories and interacts with primary Universities and Centres of Excellence both in Italy and abroad; this allows Sclavo to offer Contract Research Organization services as well.

CRO services include, but are not limited to, IVD, Diagnostics reagents, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients with focus on Antibodies and Biological products.

Sclavo Diagnostic International Research Center
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Sclavo Diagnostics is present worldwide both directly and through local distributors.

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