A comprehensive test menu, provides your laboratory with the testing options you need. The highest quality reagents available ensures the accuracy and reliability of your results.

  • Liquid and ready-to-use reagents.
  • Long shelf life
  • All the parameters dedicated to Sclavo Systems are validated in compliance to CLSI International Guidelines.
  • The dedicated packaging is barcoded and ready to be loaded directly on board of the instrument.
  • Wide availability of Calibrators and Multi-parametric Controls provided in either Biological or Chemical matrix.

Urine testing

Sclavo offers a wide and complete panel of Clinical Chemistry kits for Urine testing.

The incidence of urological and nephrological diseases is constantly increasing all over the world. This is the reason that led us to improve and to develop diagnostic solutions in this area.
All “Urine testing” products from Sclavo are available in specific formats and packaging developed for all Sclavo Systems (Sclavo Palio, Dirui, Sclavo Konelab), in addition to the Multi-purpose format.  

Specific Proteins

The range of our Specific Proteins parameters is extensive. All our reagents are liquid, ready-to-use provided in different packaging formats (Multipurpose, Sclavo Palio, Dirui, Sclavo Konelab)

Seric/Plasmatic Proteins

The Proteins level determination in Serum/Plasma/CSF is based on immunoturbidimetric (classic and latex-based) technology and the high performances of our tests are in compliance with recognized international guidelines. Our dedicated Controls and Calibrators guarantee the best reliability of the results.

As you will notice, our comprehensive offer includes some very important parameters such as Antistreptolysin O (ASO), C-reactive Protein (CRP) and Rheumatoid Factor (RF).

Urinary Proteins

An interesting, full range of tests for the diagnosis of important pathologies connected to different types of proteinuria is available from Sclavo. Our reagents include classic and latex-based immunoturbidimetric methods. We would like to highlight, among the others, urinary-Transferrin, urinary-Albumin (microAlbuminuria), and urinary-IgG.

Albuminuria is one of the most important markers for damages to the endothelium. Pathological levels of urinary Albumin (microAlbuminuria) are present in diabetes, hypertension, and during the early stages of preeclampsia.

Transferrin and Albumin together are pathognomonic of selective glomerular proteinuria. If the IgG levels arise the glomerular proteinuria becomes non selective.

The accuracy guaranteed by our method allows the correct calculation of the Cameron index (ratio between IgG clearance and Transferrin clearance).

Multi Purpose Reagents

Multi-Purpose Reagents

(Open Reagents line)
  • Excellent correlation to reference methods
  • Long on-boards stability
  • Fully validated perfomance
Dedicated Reagents

Dedicated Reagents

(Sclavo Palio, Konelab, Indiko and DIRUI Instruments))
  • Optimized reagents lined up to the International Standards (CLSI)
  • Reagents in liquid form and ready-to-use
  • Long on-board stability
  • Barcoded vials sizes are specific for the Analyzers