cogulation reagentAll of the reagents are equipped with Barcode label and offered in diversified packages in order to allow each laboratory to choose the most suitable kit for their workload.

Applications to several other coagulometers on the market are available from us.

Our own reagent line has been optimized on Sysmex coagulometers CA500, 1500, 7000 and CS2100 and 5100.

The performances obtained confirm the quality of our products with excellent results in terms of linearity, calibration stability, reagents’ on-board stability and analytical sensitivity.


Sclavo PT reagent (liquid ready-to-use)

Each lot is supplied with I.S.I. values for each Sysmex model (CA500/1500/7000 e CS). I.S.I. values have been determined and certified by two reference laboratories according to WHO (WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization – WHO Technical report Series No.889,1999:64-85).

Sclavo %PT/Direct INR Kit

A special set of plasmas has been developed in order to optimize the calibration phase of the Prothrombin time (PT). The kit contains 5 plasmas with assigned values and with a dual function to determine the calibration curve of PT to allow the calculation of local ISI value in accordance to CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standard Institute)’s official guidelines.

The combined use of Sclavo PT reagent - Sclavo %PT/Direct INR Kit system is a guarantee of a standardization quality for patient in OAT, improving inter-laboratory INR variation.

Sclavo aPTT S (liquid ready-to-use ) reagent (magnesium, aluminum-silicate)

This product offers an optimum sensitivity to factor deficiencies (intrinsic pathway), lupus-like inhibitors and heparin.

Sclavo D-Dimer Kit (liquid ready-to-use)

Our D-Dimer is an immunoturbidimetric assay that utilizes latex particles coated with monoclonal antibody that reacts with fibrin D-dimer or fragment D of fibrin. The antibody has no cross reactivity with fibrinogen. The method is extremely specific and rapid with a high Negative Predictive Value ( 98%).

Sclavo ATIII Kit – chromogenic assay

It is designed to give a linear standard curve for ATIII levels between 7,5 and 150%.

Sclavo Protein C Kit – chromogenic assay

It is designed to give a linear standard curve for PC levels between 5 and 175%.

Sclavo Protein S kit – clotting assay

It is designed to give a linear standard curve for PS levels between 10 and 130%