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About us

companyAchille Sclavo develops the serum against anthrax in 1904 and founds the Istituto Sieroterapico e Vaccinogeno Toscano. In 1929, the Sclavo Institute begins producing the anatoxin against diphtheria and tetanus and later, the smallpox vaccine.

In 1934, the first diagnostic products are developed and in 1977, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration grants the registration of these products.In 1992, Sclavo Diagnostics International commences business, and in 2003 the plant is moved to the new, technologically avant-garde site in Sovicille (province of Siena).

SCLAVO Diagnostics International, an Italian company, developing, manufacturing and marketing In-Vitro diagnostics reagents and instruments for Clinical Chemistry, Specific and Urinary Proteins (Turbidimetry, Nephelometry), Coagulation, Serology, Autoimmunity (ELISA/IFA), R&D and production are based upon corporate quality orientation reflected by products and services to customers.

Our know-how, longstanding expertise and quality control processes ensure best price-to-quality ratio.

We invite you to visit our booth and have a look at our successful systems: Palio 200N, our new system for clinical chemistry, our new semi-automatic coagulation systems KOS1&KOS2 and Skylab 752, fully-automated EIA/IFA analyzer, manufactured by AXA Diagnostics, subsidiary of Sclavo Diagnostics International SCLAVO Diagnostics International is also the ideal partner for the production of OEM bulk and kit reagents based upon special product and packaging requirements.

The production cycle is fully managed and controlled in-house, starting from the purchase of raw materials, through their preparation steps all the way to the finished products.

The corporate state-of-the-art equipment is constantly updated through large investment programs for new products development.



Classified environments, qualified personnel choice of the best raw materials allow to SCLAVO Diagnostics to excel in quality and reliability

quality control

Quality Control Laboratories

In our laboratories are available instruments for control and development of all the products.


Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory (BL3)

The Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory (BL3) of approx. 6 sqm, located at the ground floor, is equipped and qualified for the handling of pathogenic microorganisms up to “class 3”.

The BL3 laboratory is equipped with two BioHazard cabinets, two incubators, two ultra-centrifuge, a ultra-freezer (-80 °C) and an autoclave for the decontamination of all the material used in BL3.


Validation Laboratory

The complete systems (analyzer + dedicated reagents) are validated following the accredited guidelines.

In the Laboratory are installed some analytical systems, already validated, used as a reference for all the tests required by the international protocols (i.e. CLSI)

In compliance with the requirements set forth in the IVDD (EU In Vitro Diagnostic Directive), SCLAVO Diagnostics International adopted and maintained an excellent Quality Control System confirmed by ISO 13485 certification.